A Crumbling Kasbah and A Big Thank You

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I took this photograph just after sunrise from the window in our hotel room in Tineghir, Morocco. I really loved the clouds and colors at sunrise. Be sure to scroll down below the image for my “Big Thank You”. My Big Thank You is to Apple Computer. The story behind this is that my almost 3-year old, 27-inch iMac had … Read More

Steve Jobs, You Changed My Life.

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Of all the Steve Jobs’ quotes being printed, this line in his 2005 Stanford graduation speech says it all to me: “…have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.” Steve Jobs always felt like an old friend to me. I bought one of the first Apple II computers, being thrilled with the potential to do, at home, what I … Read More

Waiting for my iPad 2

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I did not get the first version of the iPad, but decided that now’s the time. I was out of town when they were released so I didn’t get one that day. After I got home, I went to the Apple Store a couple of times to find lines of 20 or so ahead of me. On both of those … Read More

iOS 4.1 Features and Fixes

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Mike at the Insanely Great Mac Review site (he does really good reviews) has posted a You Tube video showing the features and fixes in the upcoming iOS 4.1 update. Some of the new features are exclusively for the new iPhone 4. It’s a quick 5 minute Informative review.