Paria Bluff is located in Northern Arizona near Page and close to the border with Utah. The hoodoos are tall, narrow columns of rock that protrude from the bottom of an arid drainage basin. They are usually formed by erosion of their sandstone structure, which is a relatively soft rock. They’re topped by a harder, less easily eroded stone that protects each column from the elements. They’re found mostly in desert areas and range in height from a few feet to hundreds of feet. Hoodoo shapes are created by the erosional patterns of alternating hard and soft rock layers. Minerals within the rock cause the hoodoos to have different colored layers throughout their height. And “hoodoos” is such a great name for them as it is as unique as their appearance.

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22 Comments on “Hoodoos of Paria Bluff Series”

  1. Beautiful detailed shots of unique rock formations. Mother nature at her best creating these ! thanks for capturing them and sharing

  2. Beautifully done, Marty. Your work does justice to the beauty that nature gives us. Love the impact given by the black and white.

  3. Marty, as always your photos are fabulous. Your artistic expression in black and white make the unique formations even more outstanding. Bravo!!!

  4. Love these. There’s nothing like black and white. Great contrast and clarity. Any special B&W program or just Lightroom?

  5. Love these! There’s nothing like black and white. Great contrast and clarity. Any special B and W program or just Lightroom?

    1. Hi Marty,
      Thanks for sending the photos. We have been there and enjoyed their diversity and unique shapes. Blank and white was a great choice.

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