Steve Jobs, You Changed My Life.

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Steve Jobs

Of all the Steve Jobs’ quotes being printed, this line in his 2005 Stanford graduation speech says it all to me:
“…have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.”

Steve Jobs always felt like an old friend to me. I bought one of the first Apple II computers, being thrilled with the potential to do, at home, what I previously had to use punch cards to do at the University’s mainframe computer center. I’ve been a very loyal and proud user of Apple products ever since 1977. Apple products are a part of my life and have always been a positive partner in what I do. I’ll miss Steve Jobs and his vision, his creativity and his wonderful ability to present the new products Apple is producing. I know that I am but one of millions and millions of people in this world who feel this way. I grieve for his wife and children who have lost an incredible husband and father.

Below is a version of the iconic “Think Different” commercial that launched this ad campaign in 1997. This version is narrated by Steve.

10 Comments on “Steve Jobs, You Changed My Life.”

  1. You introduced me to my first computer (was it in 93′?). I remember how intimidated I was, but you were patient and I soon learned it truly was “user friendly”. Thank you for that…..and that you for this tribute.

  2. You found a beautiful way to remember your friend. The Think Different ad couldn’t have described Steve himself any better. Although I am not very interested in how technology works, I am deeply grateful that it does work . . . I’m in awe of Steve’s expansive view, and grateful for the marriage of functionality and simplicity/beauty of form that he brought into our lives. He is a true luminary, may his light live on.

  3. Well said Pops. Your love of Apple computers made them a fixture of my childhood. I feel like we lost a superhero.

  4. How lucky we all are to have benefited from not only his far gazing imagination, but also the spirit with which he imbued Apple. You put it perfectly,

  5. Thank you Marty for this thoughtful tribute. It is very sad when visionaries leave us…one less hope. My mantra has always been and one of my art pieces is titled – Think Daily. I don’t remember seeing all the ‘Think Different’ ads…but the notion is something to embrace…need to add it to my daily mantra.

  6. Yesterday was a particularly sad day in my life after hearing that Steve Jobs had died. Like you, I grew up a staunch Apple advocate. I have probably owned every product that Apple created and looked forward to new ones with great anticipation, never disappointed, Not until yesterday did I realize just how much of a visionary he was and how profound his influence was on our generation. A rare intellect with great imagination, integrity and foresight will be singularly missed. Thanks for putting it in perspective. Herb

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  8. Beautifully written. What an amazing example of dreaming up the impossible and making it real. Real not just for one but for everyone. I feel so blessed that I had my enthusiasm and spirit for innovation and technology fueled by a unique man like Steve Jobs.

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