2018 Monterey Rally To Keep Families Together

Marty CohenCalifornia, March, Monterey, U.S.8 Comments

On June 14, 2018 there was a rally in Monterey, California to support keeping immigrant families together after arriving at the border. As a Pediatrician, I am extremely concerned about the negative effects of separating infants and children from their parents. The American Academy of Pediatrics has issued a statement and policy:

"Many media outlets are now reporting about children being separated from families as routine government practice at the southern border of the U.S. This policy contradicts everything we know about promoting and protecting children's health. Our 2017 policy statement, "Detention of Immigrant Children," urges that separation of a parent or primary caregiver from his or her children should never occur, unless there are concerns for the safety of the child at the hand of the parent. The Academy's position opposing family separation stems from the serious health consequences that this practice has on children."

American Academy of Pediatrics

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8 Comments on “2018 Monterey Rally To Keep Families Together”

  1. “We were strangers in Egypt….”Protect the innocent “

    I remain sure that Americans are better than this.

    Powerful images, Marty. Thank you for giving them a wider audience.

  2. Marty –
    Thanks for these great images and their strong messages! The children’s plight invokes many memories of the past – so soon forgotten?

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