2018-June Major Monterey Rally To Keep Families Together

Marty CohenCalifornia, March, Monterey6 Comments

On June 30, 2018 there were major rallies across the United Staters to support the "Keep Families Together" movement. There was one here in Monterey, CA. It was significantly larger than the initial protest rally two weeks ago. There were several hundred people who came to rally against current administration actions. This grouping of photographs from yesterday's rally is larger than the previous one and it's exciting to see how they demonstrate the creativity and commitment of Monterey County residents to support immigration of those who seek asylum from their oppressive and brutal countries.

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6 Comments on “2018-June Major Monterey Rally To Keep Families Together”

  1. Bravo Marty! You are proving yourself to be a wonderful humanitarian and a champion for children, once again. It’s incredible to view the signs and think about the time and effort it took to create them at home with paint and crayons and markers by people young and old. The diversity of people raising the signs for you reveals the breadth and the truth of this unjust situation. Great work Dr. Marty!

    1. Thank you very much Brian. This was really a work of love to document the mix of people, why they out there demonstrating and the unique creativity of many of their signs.

  2. A worthy and wonderful project. Have you though about an exhibit of photos from all your rallies?

    1. Thank you Bee. An exhibit would be great. I just need someone with the space and money available to support it. The hard part would be choosing which images to display, there are so many wonderful ones.

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