Waiting for my iPad 2

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I did not get the first version of the iPad, but decided that now’s the time. I was out of town when they were released so I didn’t get one that day. After I got home, I went to the Apple Store a couple of times to find lines of 20 or so ahead of me. On both of those occasions, someone from the store came out to let the people in the line know what was available and it was not what I wanted. I was looking to get a black WiFi iPad 2 with 64GB of memory. I decided to go ahead and order it online but the delivery is not scheduled until April 27th. Ughh!

My plan is to incorporate the iPad 2 into my photographic work.

I’ve started to compile a list of iPad Apps and accessories that I can use for photography. I plan to review them here after I’ve had a chance to use them. If you have any App suggestions, please feel free to leave me a comment.

It will also replace my Epson P5000 (80 GB) which was an invaluable backup resource during our trip to Africa. But now I’ll use the iPad 2 for that as well. The Epson P5000 will being going up on eBay after the iPad 2 gets here. Looking forward to it getting here!

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