Operate your Camera from Your iPhone

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Yesterday I came across this great new product in development. It is called Trigger-Happy and it’s a remote control for your DSLR camera. They are developing it for IOS and Android devices. It consists of the TriggerHappy App and the TriggerHappy cable to attach between your device and your camera (with adapters for most brands of DSLR cameras). Some of … Read More

How to Block Cellphone Spam

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I have started to receive text message spam on my iPhone and I’m very unhappy about it. So I looked into what I could do to stop it and I came across a 2008 article by David Pogue on his New York Times blog. He outlines the ways in which you can stop much of this spam, especially if you … Read More

iOS 4.1 Features and Fixes

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Mike at the Insanely Great Mac Review site (he does really good reviews) has posted a You Tube video showing the features and fixes in the upcoming iOS 4.1 update. Some of the new features are exclusively for the new iPhone 4. It’s a quick 5 minute Informative review.

How Apple Develops and Tests the iPhone

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Apple held a press conference yesterday where Steve Jobs acknowledged the problems some people have had with the signal of the new iPhone 4. He pointed out, however, that their AppleCare data show that this is only affecting a tiny, 0.55% of iPhone 4 owners. The return rate of the iPhone 4 has only been 1/3 of the 3GS return … Read More