2020 Monterey Women’s March

Marty CohenCalifornia, March, Monterey, Monterey Bay, U.S.18 Comments

January 18, 2020 was the fourth anniversary of the National Women's March. There were major marches and rallies across the United Staters to support women. There was one here today in downtown Monterey, CA. Below are my photos from the march.

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18 Comments on “2020 Monterey Women’s March”

  1. Thanks for sharing the day. It makes my heart warm with hope for America. It was our pleasure to join you and Cathy at the first one in Monterey after Trump was elected.
    Pink hats stay strong!

  2. Great photos, Marty. It looks as if lots of people were there. Kathy is marching right this moment (we’re a day late in Albuquerque, I think to avoid conflict with the MLK Jr. march yesterday. I’m at work.

  3. Wonderful pictures, Marty. I wish we didn’t have to STILL be protesting about women’s rights!

  4. Great photographs, Marty. I was not able to attend the March so I appreciate seeing what happened in your wonderful shots.

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