A Crumbling Kasbah and A Big Thank You

Marty CohenApple Inc., Morocco6 Comments

I took this photograph just after sunrise from the window in our hotel room in Tineghir, Morocco. I really loved the clouds and colors at sunrise. Be sure to scroll down below the image for my “Big Thank You”.

Crumbling Kasbah in Tineghir, Morocco

A Crumbling Kasbah in Tineghir, Morocco

My Big Thank You is to Apple Computer.

New iMac 2014

The story behind this is that my almost 3-year old, 27-inch iMac had developed some irregular staining down the right side of the screen (behind the front glass). I made a Genius Bar appointment and took it in. They immediately said they needed to replace the screen. The did that and I got the computer back in one day with the screen looking fantastic. But, the story doesn’t end there…

Two days after I got it back, and it was working great, then the screen suddenly went completely black. It wasn’t because I had set it to go to sleep, however, I could get it to come back on with a certain keystroke. The trouble was that this started happening more and more frequently and I brought the computer back to the Apple Store. They kept it for about 10 days replacing different internal electronic parts and cables. Thinking they had finally fixed it, I brought it home again. I turned it on and, after only 10 minutes, the screen went black again. In addition. there was now some new staining of the screen in the center.

End of story: They had done so much to my computer already that, having not been able to completely fix it, they gave me a brand new 27-inch iMac (the most current model). My suggestion to you is, if you buy an Apple Computer, buy their AppleCare plan, extending your warranty to 3 years. I feel very fortunate. The Mac Goddess was looking out for me. It was the most valuable $169 I ever spent!

Thank you Apple!


6 Comments on “A Crumbling Kasbah and A Big Thank You”

  1. The picture is beautiful. Your Apple story is why it makes sense to go with Apple products: they care about their customers. Nobody else seems to any more.

  2. Apple Care Goddess smiled on both of us this week!! I love all your sunrise sunset shots. And I love the photographer too.

    1. Thank you, I Love you too. I know that Consumer Reports often says that, most of the time, you’re better off not paying for extended warranties, but this certainly confirmed for me that in specific cases, it’s valuable to have one.

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