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MartyI’m a “visual” person, attentive to what is around me. I often find my attention being drawn in different directions. I discovered photography in high school. But my passion guided me to a career helping others and I became a Pediatrician. I practiced Pediatrics for over 35 years, caring for infants and children. I maintained my interest in photography while working, but it wasn’t until after retiring, that I began to devote my time to photography, studying, practicing and experimenting.

I love capturing what I see, interpreting it and sharing it with others. I started with film photography at an early age, and had my own darkroom. After retiring, I returned to photography as an art form which was perfect timing for me. With the advent of digital photography I was able to expand my creativity and explore new areas of expressing my vision. I believe that defining a photograph as “fine art” is mostly subjective and it may be different for all of us. To that end, the question I always ask myself while working with an image is “Do I love the image I’ve created?” Do I say, “Yes, that’s it!?” If the answers are “Yes”, it becomes part of my fine art, part of my portfolio. And, I love sharing my art with others.

Juried Exhibits

2017 Members’ Juried Exhibition

Center for Photographic Art • Carmel, CA
July 22, 2017 –September 3, 2017

Selected Image: Sharpen
Jurors: Elizabeth Corden and Jane Potts of the San Francisco Corden / Potts Gallery

Corden|Potts Gallery has specialized in the work of outstanding contemporary photographers. Elizabeth Corden and Jan Potts, the gallery’s co-founders and co-directors, have been curating photographic exhibits since the 1990s. “CPA recognizes Elizabeth and Jan’s sensitivity, depth and appreciation of the medium, and is proud to have them as the Jurors for our 2017 Members’ Juried Exhibition.”


The Darkroom Gallery • Vermont
October 13, 2016 — November 6, 2016

Selected Image: Haunted
Juror: Russell Joslin

Russell Joslin has worked primarily in photography beginning in the early 90s. His work has been internationally published and exhibited in numerous solo and group shows.

Manus et Pedus

The Darkroom Gallery • Vermont
June 23, 2016 — July 17, 2016

Selected Image: Sharpen
Juror: Tim Booth

Tim Booth, born in the U.K., started taking photographs with his father’s camera at the age of 8. When asked why he loves his work, he replied: “Photography is all about passion. Passion for communication, passion for art, passion for light and for change. Every moment of every day there are pictures happening all over the world, and occasionally I’m lucky enough to witness some of them.”

2015 International Juried Exhibition

Center for Photographic Art • Carmel, CA
November 21, 2015 — January 9, 2016

Selected Image: Wind Sculpture
Juror: Robert Hirsch

He is an artist, curator, historian and author. He is the former Executive Director of CEPA Gallery. He currently heads Light Research, an organization that provides professional services to the field of photographic art and education.

2015 Members’ Juried Exhibition

Center for Photographic Art • Carmel, CA
July 25, 2015 –September 19, 2015

Selected Image: Light on the Sahara
Juror: Richard Gadd

He worked for the Dayton Art Institute before moving to San Francisco and working for art galleries. Then he moved to the Monterey Museum of Art where he advanced from photography curator to Executive Director, and now is the Director of the Weston Photography Gallery in Carmel, CA.

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