Ancient Roots

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Ancient Roots

The roots of an ancient sequoia tree in Calaveras Big Trees State Park in Northern California.As we saw in my last post, some of the giant sequoias are thought to be as old as 2,000 years. They can reach a height of 325 feet and a diameter of 33 feet. They are truly magnificent.Share this Post

Faces in the Forest

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The exposed ancient roots of a giant sequoia tree.Calaveras Big Trees State Park is located at the mid-elevation level of the western Sierra Nevada three miles north of Arnold off Highway 4. Although a mixed conifer forest, the giant sequoias dominate the ponderosa pines, sugar pines, incense cedars and white fir. Some of the giant sequoias are thought to be … Read More

Alone in the Forest

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After the recent heavy rains, the ground in Carmel Valley has been well saturated. This, plus the cool temperatures has given rise to wild mushrooms or different varieties. We live within what one might call an Oak Tree forest. This mushroom was growing, alone, on the hillside behind our house. It caught my attention because it was lone and because … Read More


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  Ok, this post isn’t really about the poisonous nut that falls from the Native California Buckeye trees around where we live. It’s about how I tried to photograph the Lunar Eclipse last night and was thwarted by the fog. Yesterday afternoon, I set up my tripod, Canon 6D camera, telephoto lens and cable release in preparation. My plan was … Read More

California Oak and Barn

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I first discovered, and fell in love with this Oak tree and old barn about 20 years ago. I would see it driving from the Monterey, California area back to my Modesto home in the Central Valley. This image was taken in 1999. Over time, I forgot where it was located and, 6 years ago, I decided to search for … Read More