California Oak and Barn

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I first discovered, and fell in love with this Oak tree and old barn about 20 years ago. I would see it driving from the Monterey, California area back to my Modesto home in the Central Valley. This image was taken in 1999. Over time, I forgot where it was located and, 6 years ago, I decided to search for it. I went to Google Maps and, using satellite view, I “drove” above the roads where I believed it was located. I felt like I was on this funny road trip from the sky and it was really very interesting. And, eventually, I thought I found it on the map. By now we had moved to the Monterey area, but on a drive back to Modesto to celebrate a holiday with our family there, I brought my camera and tripod and drove slowly East along California Highway 152.
I spotted it, pulled over and began to take photographs. It was very much as I remembered it from many years before, and the Oak tree was showing more leaves and the small Oak tree in front of the barn had grown. I have always loved this old Oak tree and barn and am fortunate to have some photographs. It’s a great photo subject for me and it allows me to experiment with processing my photographs to make images that present the tree in different ways. That’s what I’ve done here. Also, in case you ever want to search for it yourself, it’s on Highway 152 close to where it merges with Highway 156. Below this image, I’ve included a Google Maps image so you can see what it looks like from above and you can also explore the map beneath that for yourself.

California Oak and Barn

California Oak Tree and Barn • Rural North-Central California

Google Map View California Oak Tree and Old Barn

Google Map View California Oak Tree and Old Barn


10 Comments on “California Oak and Barn”

  1. I love this part of the state. I lived in the Salinas Valley for several years, so we took the same drive to Modesto many many times. I love the fact that it never really changes that much. If Casa de Fruta ever changes I don’t know what I’ll do.

    1. Yes, the “Casa” remains. This tree is not far from it. Glad you like the photo. And welcome home (northern home) from your trip. It seems like it was loaded with excitement and weather.

  2. Cool how you found it and could compare the growth of the little oak near the barn. Very cool indeed.

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