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The Fruit (Nut) of the Native California Buckeye Tree

The Fruit (Nut) of the Native California Buckeye Tree


Ready to Shoot the MoonOk, this post isn’t really about the poisonous nut that falls from the Native California Buckeye trees around where we live. It’s about how I tried to photograph the Lunar Eclipse last night and was thwarted by the fog. Yesterday afternoon, I set up my tripod, Canon 6D camera, telephoto lens and cable release in preparation. My plan was to awaken early this morning and capture images of the Lunar Eclipse and the reddish color the moon acquires¬†during the total eclipse.

My alarm was set for 1:30 am, a short time before the partial eclipse was to begin, only to see a very hazy vision of a full moon hidden behind the fog or low clouds. I know that one can never tell when that fog will lift, so I reset my alarm for 2:30 am, woke up, and went out on our front deck again. The partial eclipse had begun, and was again, mostly covered by the hazy low clouds. Frustrated, but determined, I set my alarm for 3:15 am and tried to fall back asleep, but tossed and turned until 3:10, got up and went outside. Wow, it was almost a full eclipse now, that I could barely detect from the faint glow coming from behind the clouds. Ugggh!

So it goes for determined photographers. But you have to be there to get the shot! Better luck next eclipse.

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  1. Marty, If there was any way in heaven of capturing this moon in all its’ splendor, we have no doubt YOU would have accomplished it Nevertheless, Mother Nature does rule. Despite your frustration if any, please know we look forward to each and every one of your photo’s.

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