Hoodoos Series

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Hoodoos at Paria Bluff

The Hoodoos at Paria Bluff Series– Click on the image below to see the series.Share this Post

Warm Memories of the 50’s

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In looking back through some of my older images, I came across this one. What I thought of when I saw it was how sweet it was in the 50’s and 60’s to have diners in local communities where the servers, chef and owners know their customers by name and the customers know the servers, chef and owners. This image … Read More

A Rusty Tank in Jerome

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While on our trip to Sedona, we took a drive up to Jerome, an old mining town on the side of a mountain overlooking Sedona. Walking through the town, I spotted this old rusty tank sitting in the front yard of what looked like a house. I  loved the color and texture of the metal on the tank.

Cathedral Rock – Sedona

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Last week, we took a driving trip to visit family and friends. Part of that trip included five days in Sedona and it was wonderful to see friends and people with whom we worked when we lived there. In addition, we got to spend some real quality time with newer friends we met on our Morocco trip, and that was … Read More