Oak Creek at Red Rock Crossing

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Oak Creek at Red Rock Crossing 2016

One of my favorite locations to photograph in Sedona, Arizona is at Red Rock Crossing off of Upper Red Rock Loop road. It has an amazing view of Cathedral Rock in the background. It’s a very popular location and I was fortunate there were no other people there when I made this image.

Geologically, it is carved from the Permian Schnebly Hill formation, a red bed sandstone formed from coastal sand dunes near the shoreline of the ancient Pedregosa Sea. The summit elevation of Cathedral Rock is 4,921 feet. An older name (no longer used) was “Court House Rock.”

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17 Comments on “Oak Creek at Red Rock Crossing”

  1. Have been to Sedona and it is like a spiritual experience. Can truly appreciate this awesome picture. Looks like a painting. Thanks, Marty

  2. Wow that is beautiful ! Glad we were able to see this with you guys but it looks even better than I remember.
    Thanks for sharing this.


    1. Thanks Lenny. We had so much fun with you and Barbara. Looking forward to doing it again. And, stay tuned for images to come of rust and color from the Gold King Mine ghost town. I’m working on them now.

  3. This must have been a magic moment. I have been to Arizona but never to Sedona. Will put it on my list of places to experience.

  4. Thanks, Marty, for the beautiful and arresting photos. This one reminds us of our winter time in Arizona earlier this year. We have reservations for this coming winter as well as for 2018 lined up. Oak Creek was a beautiful one day excursion from Flagstaff this past March and looking forward to another one in the near future.

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