A Rusty Tank in Jerome

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While on our trip to Sedona, we took a drive up to Jerome, an old mining town on the side of a mountain overlooking Sedona. Walking through the town, I spotted this old rusty tank sitting in the front yard of what looked like a house. I  loved the color and texture of the metal on the tank.

The Door With the Windows

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Some of you may recall one of my very favorite photographs, taken several years ago, called “The Window.” The photo was of a window inside a red door. It had old tattered curtains and as you looked into the window, all you saw was darkness. Today’s photo is of the entire door, done in black and white.This door is in … Read More

The Pump, Up Close

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Today’s Daily Photo is a close-up of the old gas pump in Jerome, AZ from yesterday’s Daily Photo. (Click on the photo to enlarge. Click on the comment number bubble to leave a comment.) Photo taken in 2003 with a Canon EOS D60 (an early model Canon DSLR camera), EF17-40mm f/4L lens, 1/350 sec at f/6.7, ISO 100 on Lexar Digital … Read More

Gas Pump in Jerome

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Jerome, AZ is located on top of Cleopatra Hill, elevation 5,200 feet. It sits between Prescott and Sedona and is an historic copper mining town. It was founded in 1876. It’s been known as the “Largest Ghost Town in America” and is the home of the “Gold King Mine and Ghost Town”. (Click on the photo to enlarge. Click on … Read More

Monday’s Daily Photo: The Radiator

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Today’s Daily Photo is a radiator on the front of another old truck at the Gold King Mine and Ghost Town in Jerome, AZ. As you can tell from all the photos I’ve posted, this old mine, and the entire town of Jerome, AZ, is a photographer’s dream location. (Click on the photo to enlarge. Click on the comment number … Read More