Warm Memories of the 50’s

Marty CohenArizona, B+W, Bisbee, U.S.9 Comments

The interior of Dot's Diner, a 1950’s diner in Bisbee, AZ

The interior of Dot’s Diner, a 1950’s diner in Bisbee, AZ

In looking back through some of my older images, I came across this one. What I thought of when I saw it was how sweet it was in the 50’s and 60’s to have diners in local communities where the servers, chef and owners know their customers by name and the customers know the servers, chef and owners. This image reminds me of the soda fountain that was in my parents’ corner Drug Store, Gold Coast Drug in Los Angeles. I pretty much grew up in that store and I had fun behind the counter of the soda fountain. I think this is one reason why we are regular and frequent customers of some of our local family restaurants where we’ve gotten to know the staff and owners.

What are your memories of diners and soda fountains in the 50’s and 60’s? Share them in the comments section below.

9 Comments on “Warm Memories of the 50’s”

  1. The picture reminded me how sad I was when your Mom wrote to my mom about the changes you made to Gold Coast Drug,including taking out that soda fountain!

  2. great photo. Would love to see some old photos of Gold Coast? Maybe you can find, retouch or reframe the photos.

  3. Great photo! I love all the stainless! The fifties really had a look, didn’t they? You made the right decision depicting it in black and white.

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