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Yesterday I came across this great new product in development. It is called Trigger-Happy and it’s a remote control for your DSLR camera. They are developing it for IOS and Android devices. It consists of the TriggerHappy App and the TriggerHappy cable to attach between your device and your camera (with adapters for most brands of DSLR cameras).

Some of the App’s features include:

  • Simple camera trigger
  • Bulb functionality for long exposures
  • Time-lapse mode (intervalometer)
  • HDR mode
  • Bramping (Bulb Ramping) for time-lapses from day to night, etc.

The developers are conducting a project to raise enough capital to go into production. When available, it will sell for $69. But if you pledge $50 to purchase it, and they get enough pledges totaling $25,000, you will be buying it for that $50. I was very impressed and signed up to be a backer because this looks like a great product that would save me a lot time, especially with HDR photography.

Here’s the link to their website: Trigger Happy Camera Remote

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