Consumer Reports’ Assessment of iPhone 4’s “Signal Loss Problem”

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There has been an expanding debate over the problems some users are having with the iPhone 4’s reception and dropped calls. This includes what some have called the “death grip” – covering and applying pressure to the lower left corner of the new iPhone, or Apple has called a faulty miscalculation of how they display the number of bars as an indicator of signal strength. I highlight “some users” because this has not been reported as a universal problem, but a problem for some users.

Consumer Reports published an article yesterday reviewing the debate and noting their own inability to reproduce this problem themselves. It’s a difficult issue because clearly there are plenty of reports of this happening to iPhone 4 owners. However, independent tests by have shown the new iPhone 4 has improved sensitivity to maintain calls in areas with low signal strength. It’s worthwhile reading both articles.

One Comment on “Consumer Reports’ Assessment of iPhone 4’s “Signal Loss Problem””

  1. I’ve read quite a bit about problems in this area with the iPhone 4 and do notice fewer bars but have not had any more issues with signal loss than with my old phone.

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