The Door With the Windows

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Some of you may recall one of my very favorite photographs, taken several years ago, called “The Window.” The photo was of a window inside a red door. It had old tattered curtains and as you looked into the window, all you saw was darkness. Today’s photo is of the entire door, done in black and white.This door is in an old, abandoned building in Jerome, AZ. To me, it has great character and, looking at it, I wonder what stories it keeps inside. If you look very closely at the curtains, you may see what appears to be faces in two of the curtains (maybe even a third). Random stains or shadows? Or, maybe ghosts? Who knows…

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Photo taken in 2003 with a Canon EOS D60 (an early model Canon DSLR camera), EF17-40mm f/4L lens, 1/250 sec at f/4.5, ISO 400 on Lexar Digital Film. The image was processed with Nix Silver Efex Pro 2.

3 Comments on “The Door With the Windows”

  1. For me, a B&W and a color photo side by side, my eye goes to the B&W and stays there. The mood and the story (known or made up) makes for a provocative image…open for interpretation for the viewer. I like this image very much.
    Is there more to this image? Or did you crop it?

  2. Way behind on seeing your daily photos. I too liked the B&W photo of the diner. The overall feeling of both photos is indistinct although the images are clear – not sure why, maybe emotional reaction.

    The B&W photo of the window is great. It captures the sadness and bleakness of an abandoned home (and the spookiness of this particular home.)

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