Revisiting In The Kitchen

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In The Kitchen – A Photo Project

Almost every year for the past 13 years Cathleen and I have traveled to Los Angeles to celebrate Japanese New Year with our family and friends there. I've happily been the lucky photographer to document the food preparations and the results. This year, however, we are not going to be there and right now we're really missing the fun with the family. A couple of years ago I published a photo presentation entitled, "In The Kitchen - Images as they happened."

I am reposting the presentation again now to honor our family and its traditions. We are there in spirit and we send our love. As you scroll down through the presentation, please read the text as well as enjoy the images. If you get hungry looking at the images, I've done my job!

Happy New Year

--- Marty

Click on the image below to see "In The Kitchen"
Click to to go "In The Kitchen"

Click on the image then scroll down the new page to see the presentation.

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2018 CPA International Juried Exhibition

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Crab Carts

I entered several images into the 2018 Center for Photographic Art International Juried Exhibition. This year’s juror, Eve Schillo, is the Assistant Curator in the Wallis Annenberg Photography Department at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. She reviewed over 1,100 images that were submitted from around the world and only 45 were selected to be displayed in the gallery and another 45 to be included in an online gallery and the catalog.

I am proud to announce that my image, “Crab Carts” was selected for the online gallery. To have one of my images selected by this juror from over 1,100 to be part of a 90 image exhibition is a great honor.

The Center for Photographic Art will set up an online gallery of the 45 gallery images and the additional 45 online gallery images (which will include mine). You will be able to see all the images once the exhibit opens Saturday, November 10, 2018. I will add the link to the online gallery here when it's available, so check back at this page after November 10th. You are invited to attend a lecture by Ms. Schillo in Carpenter Hall, Sunset Center, Carmel, CA. from 4:00 - 5:00 pm to be followed by an opening reception in the CPA gallery from 5:00 - 7:00 pm.

And, REMEMBER TO VOTE - November 6, 2018

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2018-June Major Monterey Rally To Keep Families Together

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On June 30, 2018 there were major rallies across the United Staters to support the "Keep Families Together" movement. There was one here in Monterey, CA. It was significantly larger than the initial protest rally two weeks ago. There were several hundred people who came to rally against current administration actions. This grouping of photographs from yesterday's rally is larger than the previous one and it's exciting to see how they demonstrate the creativity and commitment of Monterey County residents to support immigration of those who seek asylum from their oppressive and brutal countries.

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2018 Monterey Rally To Keep Families Together

Marty CohenCalifornia, March, Monterey, U.S.8 Comments

On June 14, 2018 there was a rally in Monterey, California to support keeping immigrant families together after arriving at the border. As a Pediatrician, I am extremely concerned about the negative effects of separating infants and children from their parents. The American Academy of Pediatrics has issued a statement and policy:

"Many media outlets are now reporting about children being separated from families as routine government practice at the southern border of the U.S. This policy contradicts everything we know about promoting and protecting children's health. Our 2017 policy statement, "Detention of Immigrant Children," urges that separation of a parent or primary caregiver from his or her children should never occur, unless there are concerns for the safety of the child at the hand of the parent. The Academy's position opposing family separation stems from the serious health consequences that this practice has on children."

American Academy of Pediatrics

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PLEASE – A Poignant Image

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I chose this image as the one that grabbed my heart the most as I reviewed all my images from the March For Our Lives in Monterey. I saw this little boy and his sign and I was overwhelmed with sadness. I asked his parents if I could photograph him and post it on my website and they gladly agreed.

Crab carts at Monterey Bay Fisherman's Wharf

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