PLEASE – A Poignant Image

Marty CohenCalifornia, March, Monterey12 Comments

I chose this image as the one that grabbed my heart the most as I reviewed all my images from the March For Our Lives in Monterey. I saw this little boy and his sign and I was overwhelmed with sadness. I asked his parents if I could photograph him and post it on my website and they gladly agreed.

Crab carts at Monterey Bay Fisherman's Wharf

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12 Comments on “PLEASE – A Poignant Image”

  1. I am the mother of the child in the photo. I am very happy that our family could contribute to this amazing cause. My son still talks about the event and keeps asking why they can’t just stop making guns!

    1. Thank you Namita. I was so struck by your son holding his sign, that I really appreciated you being Ok with my creating this image. And, as I went through all the photographs I had taken at the March, I kept coming back to your son as THE image I was most drawn to. Thanks again. Marty

  2. It did that to me too. But all the pictures are great. It’s so sad that this is what our world has come to.

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