Revisiting In The Kitchen

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In The Kitchen – A Photo Project

Almost every year for the past 13 years Cathleen and I have traveled to Los Angeles to celebrate Japanese New Year with our family and friends there. I've happily been the lucky photographer to document the food preparations and the results. This year, however, we are not going to be there and right now we're really missing the fun with the family. A couple of years ago I published a photo presentation entitled, "In The Kitchen - Images as they happened."

I am reposting the presentation again now to honor our family and its traditions. We are there in spirit and we send our love. As you scroll down through the presentation, please read the text as well as enjoy the images. If you get hungry looking at the images, I've done my job!

Happy New Year

--- Marty

Click on the image below to see "In The Kitchen"
Click to to go "In The Kitchen"

Click on the image then scroll down the new page to see the presentation.

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4 Comments on “Revisiting In The Kitchen”

  1. Once again, very nicely done. Hoping all is well with you,
    Cathleen and family. We are doing okay. Happy New
    Year to the both of you.
    Pat & Larry

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