The Perfection in Imperfection

Marty CohenAntelope Canyon, Arizona, Landscape9 Comments

The Perfection in Imperfection

Oh, the perfection in the imperfection of this wall in Upper Slot Canyon at Antelope Canyon, AZ.

(To see the most detail in this image, click on it to enlarge it!)

One of things I love about landscape and nature photography is to enjoy the art that’s created by and within nature. Painting, photographs and sculpture are all beautiful forms of art, but, for me, I love to see the art that is out there where we live and where we travel. And my photography is just my way of sharing what I love to see with you. So thank you allowing me to do that.


9 Comments on “The Perfection in Imperfection”

  1. I agree with both Yvonne and Lee . . . it’s wabisabi AND beautiful! Love the light and texture in this one, can’t look at this without thinking of the eons it took to sculpt. Timeless.

  2. I’ve seen many photos of this special place, but this one makes me want to reach up and touch the subtle grooves and run my hand along the swirl of earth. Makes my palm actually tingle. Amazing, thank you – ps

  3. Beautiful. I know you’re always experimenting with new techniques on your photos. Did you use a newer technique on this photo than your earlier slot pix?

    1. Thanks Jenny. No, not a new technique. In fact I don’t think the changes I made were really any specific technique. They’re more just a different way to make adjustments. This was a single photo shot as a jpeg and taken 9 years ago. The main thing I was trying when I picked up this shot again, was how could I crop the image differently to improve the final product. I think I actually posted this one some time ago, and now I cropped out about 50% of the original image. Then I worked on contrast and exposure somewhat. I’ve been noticing lately, as I look at other people’s images how often they crop them way down and how good that ends up looking. So I’ve been trying that on some of my older photographs, not always successfully, which is why this is the first I’ve posted out of several I’ve played with.

  4. This is one o those photos that shows the incredible beauty that you are able to capture in nature. You are amazing!

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