The First Lavender – 2014

Marty CohenCarmel Valley, Carmel Valley Ranch, Flowers4 Comments

The First Lavender

The first Lavender to bloom – 2014, Carmel Valley Ranch

At Carmel Valley Ranch, there are fields of Lavender alongside the roads. At the top of a hill near us is a beautiful, small field of Lavender. We walk by it every day while walking our dog Lulu. About 10 days ago, the Lavender bushes, neatly pruned for winter, began to grow long stems with buds. Then, a few days ago, we noticed there was only one stem that had bloomed amongst the thousands that surrounded it. Out came my trusty iPhone and here is the result.

4 Comments on “The First Lavender – 2014”

  1. Beautiful and brave of this lone stem to burst out first…in gorgeous complementary colors, a foreshadowing of the wonderful landscape and scent to come!

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