Side Chapel at Mission San Xavier

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Side Chapel Mission San Xavier del Bac

Mission San Xavier del Bac is located 9 miles south of downtown Tucson, AZ

(To see the real detail in this image, click on it to enlarge it!)

The interior of the Mission is very beautiful. The artwork and woodworking are delicate and intricate with very rich colors. There is a main chapel in the center and two side chapels. This is one of the side chapels. The interior is also undergoing restoration efforts and it was being worked on while we there. It was interesting to watch it being done. Please be sure you click on the image to enlarge it and see the detail.

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This is an HDR (High Dynamic Range) image that was made from 5 photographs, each taken at different exposures to capture the detail of the entire chapel, from the darkest shadow areas to the brightest. The camera was mounted on a tripod.

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