Main Street Bisbee Arizona

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Main Street Bisbee, Arizona

Main Street – Bisbee, Arizona

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“Bisbee, 90 miles southeast of Tucson, is the picturesque county seat of historic Cochise County. The community was founded in 1880 and named after Judge DeWitt Bisbee, a financial backer of the Copper Queen Mine. This Old West mining camp proved to be one of the richest mineral sites in the world, producing nearly three million ounces of gold and more than eight billion pounds of copper, not to mention the silver, lead and zinc that came from these rich Mule Mountains.”
“In 1908 a fire ravaged most of Bisbee’s commercial district along Main Street, leaving nothing but a pile of ashes. Reconstruction began immediately and by 1910 most of the district had been rebuilt and remains completely intact today. Activities began to slow as the mines played out and the population began to shrink; mining operations on a large scale became unprofitable in 1975.”  Source: Bisbee Chamber of Commerce

“Main Street” is still the main street in Bisbee and now has many shops selling antiques, artist creations, clothing and honey from Mexican Killer Bees sold out of a little hole in the wall shop.

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The  photo was taken with a Canon EOS 40D, EF17-40mm f/4L lens, 1/125 sec at f/16, ISO 400.

8 Comments on “Main Street Bisbee Arizona”

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  2. This has an Edward Hopper feel to it. Very nice! I could definitely see this as a poster offered in the upscale Bisbee shops!

  3. Classic old west town! Great shot, but did you chase all the people away? Long trip for the hot season in Az. You still there?

    1. This was a Monday afternoon and there weren’t many people around, so I waited until no cars or people were on the street and got the shot. We were there a couple of weeks ago and are home now.

  4. Your photos of Bisbee are wonderful – what a charming place and you’ve captured it so well. Love the van painting , the buildings and this street scene – makes me want to go there and walk in and out of those places…

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