Lavender Hillside

Marty CohenCarmel Valley Ranch, Flowers13 Comments

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Lavender Hillside

Lavender Hillside at Carmel Valley Ranch


The lavender is in bloom at Carmel Valley Ranch. It lines the entry to the ranch, the roads and the hillsides. We look forward to this time of year here and are very lucky to live here. The Ranch harvests the lavender every year to make various products and the bees who inhabit the hives up at the organic garden produce lavender honey.

This photo was taken with a Canon EOS 6D, EF24-105mm f/4L IS lens, 1/160 sec at f/16, ISO 200 captured on a Lexar 400x SDXC UHS-1 memory card

13 Comments on “Lavender Hillside”

  1. Gorgeous! I love the purple-green complementary colors against the blue sky. Now if only you could capture the delicate scent of that lavender wafting through the air!

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