Harvest Super Moon 9-8-14

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This Monday night we had a Super Moon that was also a Harvest Moon.  I drove down to an area of Carmel Valley Ranch that had a good view of the mountains in the more distant valley over which the moon would rise.  When the moon is closer to the horizon it has a yellow-orange glow to it which gradually disappears as the moon rises higher in the sky. There are 3 images of the moon below and then one image of my camera setup.


Harvest Super Moon 2014


Harvest Super Moon 2014


Harvest Super Moon 2014


Harvest Super Moon Camera Setup 2029-M-WB

Harvest Super Moon Camera Setup

I’m shooting with a Canon 6D DSLR camera with built-in Wi-Fi so that I can wirelessly connect the camera to my iPad and control the camera from the iPad using the Canon EOS Remote App. Each image is transmitted back to the iPad so I can review it at a much larger size than on the camera. I’m also using a cable release to trigger the camera (even though I could do that from the iPad) because I have the iPad clamped to the tripod. Triggering the camera from the iPad causes a vibration in the tripod and blurs the shot, so I chose to also add the cable release. Here’s a link for the clamp that connects to the tripod and clamps on to the iPad (or to an Android tablet). The app can also be used from an iPhone or Android phone and here’s a link for the tripod clamp for smartphones. This photo was taken with a Canon EOS 6D, 150-500 mm Sigma lens, at 500 mm,  at f/16, ISO 400 captured on a Lexar 400x SDXC UHS-1 memory card.


18 Comments on “Harvest Super Moon 9-8-14”

  1. Awesome!The first photo is my favorite,the second a close second but the third clearly demonstrates your unique and amazing talent. Thanks for sharing

  2. Someone could probably name those craters on the moon, the shot is so clear and detailed. Really great, Marty! Is a harvest moon a yellow-orange moon?

  3. Great shots! I think I see a lunar module!
    What shutter speed do you use at f/16? Do you use any filters for this? We saw some great prisms in the clouds here as the moon passed behind them.

    1. Thanks Lee. The two images of the moon rising over the mountain were at 0.3 sec f/16 and the Full moon photo in the sky was 1/80 sec at f/16. ISO 400

    1. No tracking mechanism, although I do have an iPhone App that uses a compass screen to show the direction the moon will be rising and the time. It gives me a start, although I still had to adjust the direction of camera when I finally saw the moon appear over the mountain. The bummer was I did not bring a second lens that was wide angle so I could get a shot of the moon and it’s reflection in the pond (which you can see in my iPhone shot of the camera setup).

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