Eagle Hoodoo

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Eagle Hoodoo

Eagle Hoodoo at Paria Bluffs

(To see the most detail in this image, click on it to enlarge it!)

Here is another Hoodoo located in the Paria Bluffs area of Arizona. This Hoodoo was very near the ones I posted on July 22nd (click here to see the other Hoodoos). I gave this one the name “Eagle Hoodoo” because it looked like an eagle perched on some rocks. I took this photo in 2003 while on a photo workshop being led by a wonderful photographer and great instructor, Joe Brady. I reconnected with Joe during an internet webinar he gave  in 2010, and he told me that he had been back to that area and this Hoodoo had collapsed and fallen and “now it’s just a boring white pillar.” I was sad to hear that as I really liked the formation of this Hoodoo, and very glad I had taken this shot.

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