Dot’s Diner

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Dot's Diner

Dot’s Diner in Bisbee, Arizona

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Dot’s Diner is an authentic 1950’s diner located in Bisbee, Arizona. When you look through the windows, it appears to be fully outfitted and capable of serving food, but it was closed. In doing some online research, it appears that it closed in late January 2011. Prior to that, it got rave reviews for its food and its authenticity.

The diner sits out front of the Shady Dell Trailer Park which is actually a motel where the rooms are different  Airstream  travel trailers built between 1947 and 1957. Each has been fully restored and is decorated with unique objects from that era.  I’ll be posting many more photos from the Shady Dell over the next few weeks. Be sure you keep checking back.

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This photo is an HDR image from three different exposures taken with a Canon EOS 40D, EF17-40mm f/4L lens.

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