Dot’s Diner, The Interior

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Dot's Diner Interior

This is the interior of Dot’s Diner in Bisbee, Arizona.

Do you remember Dot’s Diner. I posted my favorite shot of the exterior back in May of last year. Dot’s Diner is an authentic 1950′s diner located in Bisbee, Arizona. When you look through the windows, it appears to be fully outfitted and capable of serving food, but it was closed. In doing some online research, it appears that, despite getting outstanding reviews, it closed in late January 2011. Prior to that, it got rave reviews for its food and its authenticity.

It has an interesting history:

It is an authentic 1950’s ten stool diner built by the Valentine Manufacturing Company in Wichita, Kansas. It was originally purchased in 1957 and delivered to the corner of Ventura and Topanga Canyon Blvd’s in Los Angeles. Apparently it served people there for 26 years, then sat idle for 13 more before being purchased and moved to the Shady Dell Trailer Park in Bisbee, Arizona. There it was restored and served guests of the Shady Dell and residents of Bisbee until 2011 when it was closed. You can still stay at the Shady Dell in one of their vintage trailers.

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4 Comments on “Dot’s Diner, The Interior”

  1. Larry & I have got to get to Bisbee sometime.
    Looks like a very interesting town. Maybe some
    geo-caching to be done there–just waiting for us!

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