Coffee Pot Rock in the Snow

Marty CohenArizona, Sedona7 Comments

Coffee Pot Rock in the Snow

Beautiful snowfall on Coffee Pot Rock in Sedona

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Here is a photo I took in 2003 while living in Sedona, AZ. In the five years I was there, 2003 produced more snow than the other years and it raised the beauty of the red rock formations to a new level. This is Coffee Pot Rock, named, obviously for its shape being similar to that of the old percolator coffee pots.

If you ever visit Sedona, in addition to all the great locations to shoot, I highly recommend eating at Coffee Pot Restaurant for breakfast or lunch. You won’t be disappointed. Great food and a wonderfully friendly staff to serve you. It’s located at 2050 W State Route 89A (with Coffee Pot Rock as a backdrop).

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The photo was taken in 2003 with an early model Canon DSLR, the Canon EOS D60, EF70-200mm f/4L lens, 1/75 sec at f/11, ISO 200 on Lexar Digital Film.

7 Comments on “Coffee Pot Rock in the Snow”

  1. I do miss Sedona snow, so beautiful and peaceful. I always said it looks like powdered sugar sprinkled on a yummy cinnamon bun , , , you captured it perfectly! I still think you need to get a copy of this somehow to the Dahers. Thanks for the wintry memories!

    1. Thank you Terri. I’ll never forget how excited I was about that snow fall. It was so much heavier than others I had photographed there and it was great to drive around and shoot pictures of it. I do miss it.

  2. My friend and I talked about you and Sedona today on our hike here along Columbia Gorge, and how the red rocks inspired us all to take beautiful photos. How perfect it is that I came home to see your email and entry for today…

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