AT&T MicroCell availability set for mid-April

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AT&T announced that they will release their 3G MicroCell nationwide in mid-April. If you have had problems with your iPhone or other AT&T wireless phone in your home or office, this could potentially save you a lot of frustration. This unit will act like a mini cell tower in your home or small business. It works through your broadband DSL or Cable internet service and it then connects to AT&T’s network. They claim it will improve performance for both your voice calls and your data applications. It can support up to four voice or data users at once.

It will, however, cost $150 to purchase, but AT&T will offer rebates for signing up for a MicroCell calling plan or AT&T’s Broadband service. I guess if you really have bad cell phone service where you are, this could be a really terrific help. Verizon offers something similar as well.

Bottom-Line opinion… We really should not be needing to buy something like this, given the price we pay for our cellular services. But many of us do!

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