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Apple, Adobe and Canon are the companies I work with and rely on most often for my computing,  photography and website work. I have been an Apple user since it’s introduction in 1977. I’ve been using a digital camera since 1994 when Apple introduced the QuickTake 100. It’s funny to remember that this camera was only capable of storing eight photos at 640×480 resolution or 32 photos at 320×240 resolution. It would connect to the Mac by way of an Apple Serial Cable. From that camera, I moved on to one the first Olympus Digital Cameras in the late 1990’s. I’ve now moved to Canon Digital SLR’s and have worked with two of those.

Adobe Software provides some of the strongest and most useful tools with which to work on photographs and develop websites. Of course, I am also using software and software plugins from many other companies. In fact, it is sometimes overwhelming to decide what to use and what to buy. Fortunately, most good software developers provide at least a 30-day free trial. Make sure you take advantage of those opportunities. They’re invaluable in assessing whether a program or plugin is right for you.

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