What’s in Your Altoids Box?

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Each year, a night or two before the family's Japanese New Years day celebration, we have a gift exchange after we work on food preparation. This past year, Jenny (our Master Game Creator) came up with the idea that we should each decorate an Altoids tin. It was a free-form experience with no other directions. All I can say is, this is one very creative family! Some decorated the outside lid and the interior, and others only decorated the interiors. The name of the person who made each one will appear as you run your cursor over the images below. Or, click on the first image to enlarge it, then there will be navigation arrows that allow you to go through and see each of the images. The gallery of the different Altoids tins is below.
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2 Comments on “What’s in Your Altoids Box?”

  1. I absolutely LOVE this idea. And I love all the creative things your folks did! Could totally see my family doing this. BRAVO!

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