Wells in the Desert

Marty CohenMorocco3 Comments

Overland to Tineghir we came to a series of wells in the desert that draw from a spring below. Water is used by Berbers for drinking and irrigation of farmland nearby. I was intrigued by the simplicity and creativity of the design to bring the water up from below, which is shown in the photos below.

CLick on the first image to show a larger size and then you can navigate forward and backward using the arrows.

3 Comments on “Wells in the Desert”

  1. When we saw it, I loved that something so functional can be so simple and beautiful . . . a working piece of art. Everything we use should be made that way!

  2. That is so very cool. I love the color of the rope. It is amazing how so many things we have made complicated and they can happen in a very simple way.

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