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Welcome to my new blog. It’s really exciting to get it started. I’ll share with you information and instruction from some of the great photography, computer and web design blogs and websites I read regularly. That’s my goal. Additionally, I’ll include news and images from my photo trips and sessions.

I also want to share information on great photography and computer products I’ve found and special deals that are being offered. I want to acknowledge that I have associations with several commercial companies whose ads I post on this website. When you shop with them, by clicking on their ads in the sidebars, I do receive a small commission on those sales. Occasionally, I will include Amazon affiliate links in my blog articles. Their commission is usually in the realm of 4.5% of your purchase. This does not affect the price you pay as it would be the same whether you purchased by going through my site or if you purchased from Amazon directly, which does not provide me with a commission. These commissions help to support my blog’s web hosting costs. I truly appreciate them. I have this business relationship with these particular companies because I like their products and services, but I am very willing to express a critical opinion of them if appropriate.

I hope that you find my blog interesting and useful. If you do , please bookmark my blog and share it with your friends. Feel free to give me feedback so I can keep improving it.

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