Walking the Streets of Marrakesh

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As we walked the streets of Marrakesh, there were so many interesting subjects to photograph. There were the old world customs and modern corporate foods. Throughout all of Morocco, when we travelled by bus or walked down the streets, there were frequent, small cafes or restaurants. Almost universally, groups of men were sitting at the tables having tea and talking. We frequently saw signs on establishments for American corporate food and drink businesses.


One of the greatest treats of all was the main square in Marrakesh, Jemaa al-Fnaa. It’s enormous and lined with shops and vendors in the buildings that surround the square. During the day, the square houses other attractions including musicians, dancers and snake charmers. At night, the square is totally transformed by hundreds of booths set up with all types of food being cooked and served to visitors and residents.


There are five images below. Be sure you scroll down to see them all. You can also click on the first one and then there will be arrows on the images you can use to navigate to the next or previous image.

Here is a good Wikipedia link describing the Landmarks of Marrakesh.

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