Visions in the Mirror

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Delicate or Dangerous

What do we see when we combine an image with itself, but reversed? We see magic! This (10) slide show will demonstrate how unique and interesting it is to do this with photography. I learned this technique from my friend and photo buddy Steve Martin (not the actor) in Southern California.

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34 Comments on “Visions in the Mirror”

  1. Incredible pictures. But I wouldn’t expect anything but wonderful photos. I’ve not had too many opportunities to photograph since COVID.

    1. Thanks Etsu. I included Steve and Tari to get the notification email, so I hope they got to see these images. I appreciated Steve showing me the technique.

  2. Really creative and interesting. Miye hit it on the button. They’re almost outer worldly. Love to learn the technique and see the original images.

  3. Marty, so happy to see your work again. It has been a odd year, so what a wonderful surprise. The Heaven or Hell looks a lot like our Arizona sunsets, beautiful.

  4. Marty, these images are just stunning! I agree with an earlier response where the symmetry of the photos add an artistic punch and my reaction to the images was kind of visceral, like seeing a beautiful work of art. They have an other-worldly aura to them.

  5. Wow Marty, I love these. I’m a BIG fan of symmetry so this idea is right up my aesthetic alley, for sure. Send more!
    Hope all is well on my beloved Monterey Peninsula. All best to you and family.

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