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10 Comments on “Uta’s Birthday Party”

  1. Hi Mr. Cohen,

    Thank you for sending me the wonderful pictures you took at Uta´s Party ! They are great and
    they all brought back so many wonderful moments !
    It was a special day and a special party for a very special Lady.
    And… what a wonderful family she has !

    Elisabete (Brazil)

    1. Thank you Elisabete. I’m glad you liked my photographs and thank you for subscribing to my site. Whenever I post a new photgraph, I send an email letting my followers know about it. It was a pleasure to meet you at Uta’s party.

  2. Thanks for sharing your wonderful celebration for a special lady. Love the picture of Uta with the three tall men.

  3. What wonderful pictures! Really invoke the fun, friends, family, & food of that day. And of course, Uta! She’s a real treasure. It would be fun to create a family tree including the Shimotsuka side and the Martin side – now we have pictures to go with names.

  4. Hey dear Uta, What a happy party filled with family and friends and yummy food. You are an inspiration and the dearest of friends. Joy and happiness to all those you hold dear. Your smile says it all.

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