Tube Anemones

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Tube Anemones

Tube Anemones at the Monterey Bay Aquarium

The Tube Anemones are unique. The display at the Aquarium states that the Tube Anemones can root in the shifting sand. To protect itself from grit and to escape predators, it makes a tough, leathery tube and sinks it two feet or more into the sand. It appears they can also attach to rocks. “If threatened, the anemone disappears in the blink of an eye.” It’s long, flowing tentacles catch plankton as its food. I liked the kind of mysterious and dark appearance of this image.

I encourage you to visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium. It’s unique and very special. They not only have beautiful exhibits, you can learn how they work towards the preservation and conservation of the ocean. Check out their website here.

7 Comments on “Tube Anemones”

  1. From one perspective it looks like a Chinese New Years Dragon head and another, an alien from outer space. Fun picture.

  2. Whoa . . . mysterious and weird. Looks like an underwater Medusa. Interesting because I always think of anemones as beautiful, and these are too, but in an eerie wayl. The dark background really adds to the mystery.

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