Touring San Francisco

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Touring San Francisco

Part of a group touring Sn Francisco by Segway

(To see the most detail in this image, click on it to enlarge it!)

We were in San Francisco this past weekend to see Rachel (and go to a winning SF Giants baseball game). On Saturday, there was an Art Walk in North Beach and we spent a few hours walking there, drinking coffee and eating Italian goodies. As we walked, a group of about 10 people on Segways silently rode by while on a tour of San Francisco. The tour guide was in the front Segway and appeared to be speaking into a microphone. So there must have been a wireless communication system and the tourists appeared to have earphones.

It looked like a lot of fun. Be sure to click on the picture above to enlarge it for a better view.

6 Comments on “Touring San Francisco”

  1. I like this photo a lot . . . something about how straight the segway riders are standing against the buildings that look slightly off kilter. Very San Francisco, evoking the up and down streets or maybe remnants of a past earthquake. Very fun photo, good memory of a fun day!

  2. reminds me of the Doodah Parade here: group participants looking the same, serious, precision-like movement. Fun photo.

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