The Snake Charmer

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The Snake Charmer

A Snake Charmer in the main square in Marrekesh

This is one of my favorite images from our trip to Morocco. The snake charmer was a very animated and exaggerated character. But, I guess it takes an unusally interesting person to want to charm snakes. I welcome your impressions and comments on this image. The photo was taken a telephoto lens.

15 Comments on “The Snake Charmer”

  1. Funny that I was studying the work of Bill Haast recently, the famous snake handler that tolerated their venom and researched it too! I am fascinated by how certain people are strongly attracted to certain animals. This photo captures some of that curiosity. Thanks!

  2. Quite the showman indeed. Found the images of the feet behind him interesting, too. They obviously were unaware of the snake charmer or uncaring. I wonder how one becomes a snake charmer?

    1. There were actually lots of snakes out there on the square with a number of different “Charmners”. However, this one was the most interesting. The cobras in the photos I posted 2 days ago were right near this guy and the men behind him.

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