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13 Comments on “The People of Morocco – A Slideshow”

  1. Love your pictures and the vibrant colors..
    My wife and I just returned from an OAT trip to Morocco this last Tuesday (March 10). Spent 4 weeks there. Great memories.

  2. Wonderful photos. I was glad to see a photo of Marty and Cathy near the end of the splendid slideshow. but I’m not sure the camels qualify as Moroccan people.

  3. I share Betty’s enjoyment of that sweet little cat patiently watching the man clean the fish. I’m not sure we mentioned to anyone that there were feral cats all over who were clean and well fed and, I suspect, keeping the rodent population under control because we never saw any rodents. Unlike cats, unfortunately dogs in Morocco have a much sadder fate and that was heartbreaking to see. Slide show is fun!

  4. The pictures are wonderful! I especially love the wonderful faces of the children; so filled with hope and wonder. You really captured that.

  5. Really great collection of photos, Marty! I, of course, like the cat photos, especially the kitten watching and waiting for a fish handout. And as your photos show, the visit to the school, the children, and meeting the various hosts who opened their homes to you must have made the trip really special and memorable. I also liked the photo with the stars at night above the lighted tent; the composition and placement of all the elements seemed unreal and so beautiful. Thanks!

    1. Thank you Betty. It really was a very special trip and opportunity to see so much, meet interesting people and great photo opportunities. I thank Cathleen for her dreams about going there which was the driving force behind going.

  6. Hello Marty,
    Your pictures are absolutely wonderful. The trip (and your fellow travelers) look great. I noticed an OAT cap in one of the photos. Did you travel with that company again? Since our trip to Africa, we traveled with OAT to India and Bolivia/Colombia. We went to Central Europe (Poland, Hungary, Austria, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia) with Odysseys Unlimited.
    Thank you for sharing your experiences! My best to Cathleen!
    Nancy Rich (Your vehicle companion in Africa!)

    1. Thanks Nancy. Our group on this trip was just about twice the size of our Kenya/Tanzania trip. Also very nice people. And, yes, we went with OAT again as others in our group had also done before. Hi to Dan.

  7. The pictures really evoke the special time you had in Morocco. The children especially capture the beauty of the people. The intermixing of western images – like the backpacks of the schoolchildren – made me smile. Thanks for sharing your trip.

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