The Old Tractor

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The Old Tractor at Earthbound Farm's Farm Stand

The Old Tractor at Earthbound Farm’s Farm Stand in Carmel Valley

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This old tractor sits on small hill as a landmark for Earthbound Farm’s Farm Stand in Carmel Valley, California. It’s usually surrounded by wildflowers in bloom and you see it from the road as you approach the turn off from Carmel Valley Road into the parking lot of the Farm Stand.

It is one of the most wonderful places to shop for food. We are so lucky to live 5 minutes away from it and to be able to shop there frequently. All the food they grow and sell is organic. The Farm Stand not only offers organic vegetables, but many other categories of organic foods. In addition, they have a great cafe where special sandwiches are made, homemade soups are cooked and you can create your own salads, all to eat there or take home. But the BEST part about shopping there is the staff. They are the nicest people you’ll ever want to meet and they really care about their customers.

They also offer special cooking demonstrations, garden and flower walks, bug walks for kids, a corn labyrinth in the fall, many varieties of pumpkins around Halloween and Thanksgiving and much more. It’s a really magical place and when you visit the Monterey Bay area, you really should head out there for the experience and the food.  It’s also a terrific place for photographers to have fun shooting pictures. Here’s a link to their website.

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