The Moroccan Sahara Desert

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The Moroccan Sahara Desert

The Moroccan Sahara Desert – A Story in Adobe Slate

I believe the people at Adobe Software are among the most creative geniuses I’ve observed. Their software is very powerful and they work in so many areas of graphic arts, photography, video, film, audio, design, publishing and many others. They recently released an iPad App called Adobe Slate. This software allowed me to take a group of my images from Morocco and put them together with integrated text into a beautiful presentation that can be viewed on your computer, tablet or phone by scrolling the story up and down.

I had so much fun creating this, that I plan to do others and post them here for you to enjoy and share with your friends if you like them. It was easy for me to select my first subject to try in Adobe Slate, The Moroccan Sahara Desert because I think I found it the most fascinating and captivating part of a great two week adventure. If you like it, please click on the “Appreciate” button at the end and then come back to this page and leave me a comment. Thanks…    Marty

Click on the image below, then scroll down to see the presentation

The Moroccan Sahara Desert

8 Comments on “The Moroccan Sahara Desert”

  1. This was wonderful. You included my favorite, the milky way with the tents in the picture. If ever we are stressed, we can look at this series and find peace. Thanks Marlene

    1. Thank you Marlene. I’m glad you like it and every time I look at that milk way image, I amaze myself that I took that! I think that part of our trip was one of the most special to me. Hi to Blaine.

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