The Living Roof

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The Living Roof

The Living Roof at the California Academy of Sciences

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The Living Roof is an integral part of the California Academy of Sciences. This fascinating 197,000 square-foot rooftop is home to a number of native plant species. There were many challenges in building the roof and it provides far more than a covering for the Academy of Sciences. It’s an important ecological project, a learning laboratory about native plant life, it provides cooling for the interior of the building through its unique design and the unique design of the building, and much more. To learn more about how it was designed, built and what its many functions are, watch the short movie below. It’s fascinating. The photo also pays special recognition to my Alma Mater, UCSF, which you can see on the far right edge of the photo in the distance.

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The photo was taken with a Canon EOS 40D, EF17-40mm f/4L lens, 1/90 sec at f/13, ISO 200 on SanDisk Extreme IV Digital Film.

4 Comments on “The Living Roof”

  1. Thank-you for the link to the video, Marty. I’ve seen other photos and diagrams of this roof, but nothing in real time with explanations of the gardening
    requirements. Fascinating!

    1. Thanks Robin. I thought it was fascinating too. There is another video at the Academy’s site. CLick on the link for the Living Roof at the beginning of the blog posting to see it.

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