The Kids at New Years

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One of the most fun parts of the family being together for New Years is watching the family’s kids growing up. This year and last year we were lucky to have both Kate and Reiko here during our preparation days leading up to and including New Years Day.

Scroll down to see all 3 photos and click on them to see larger versions.

Kate -  New Years 2012

A happy, smiling Kate New Years Day 2012


Reiko - New Years 2012

A happy, smiling Reiko on New Years Day 2012

Each year, Nick (Reiko’s dad) teaches them how to make Sushi. The photo below was from New Years, 2011.

Kate and Reiko Make Sushi 2011

Nick teaches Kate and Reiko how to make Sushi for New Years 2011

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  1. LOVE these photos – you’ve captured them so beautifully – without the posed “cheesey” smiles.

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