The Graceful Purple-Striped Jellyfish

Marty CohenJellyfish, Monterey Bay Aquarium4 Comments

The Graceful Purple-Striped Jellyfish

The Purple-Striped Jellyfish swimming with its long tentacles gracefully flowing behind.

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This is the Purple-Striped Jellyfish at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. This jellyfish lives off the Monterey coast of California and swims with flowing gracefulness. As beautiful as it is, its marginal tentacles do offer humans a painful sting. They grow to about 2.5 feet in diameter. To see the other Jellyfish images I’ve posted, click here.

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The photo was taken, handheld, with a Canon EOS 40D, EF17-40mm f/4L lens, 1/60 sec at f/4, ISO 640 on SanDisk Extreme IV Digital Film.

4 Comments on “The Graceful Purple-Striped Jellyfish”

  1. I guess I just love the strange beauty of jelly fish. I can see why they could be so deadly. How could something of such delicacy hurt you?

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